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With the passion of bringing happiness to family and community - TIGER MiniGolf continues developing the good culture of family have happy time together, have fun activity with each other and any group of people could enjoy an exciting sport game as mini golf together. So Let’s go Mini Golf !

Mini Golf is popular for more than 50 years in Europe, Scotland, America, England, Australia, New Zealand and developing in Vietnam and Asia country… The main special of mini golf is an attractive environment with fun & challenging play ground.  Mini Golf is a really fun game for family and group of friends to participate and enjoy.

TIGER MiniGolf is the pioneer company develop mini golf brand of products and creative design at any size of land from 20 m2 upward. We have professional designers and landscaping from New Zealand, America and a talent team in Vietnam always ready to help and develop your land more useful, more fun and more value added. Your land could be a private home space, garden, office, commercial or a play center…

We also supply good quality mini golf equipments, golf equipments and the all types of artificial grass for all purposes such as golf, mini golf ground, driving range, children play ground, garden, office …

So please contact us for any advice you may need about mini golf, mini golf business or other related business, free of course.

We love to make you happy.

Life is Wonderful! 


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New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, India, Cambodia, Thailand  

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